Picking & Packing Fulfilment

Warehouse picking and packing

Picking & Packing

A key part of our warehousing and distribution service is our picking and packing.

Working with companies in a plethora of industries, our warehousing expertise is diverse. Whether involved in a complete supply chain contract, or for more ad-hoc storage requirements, our expertise helps our customers improve efficiency and allows stock movement patterns to be identified,  thus releasing capital otherwise tied up in product and storage costs.


As part of our supply chain logistics, the picking process is driven by our bespoke 3PL platform. All picking and packing is completed by well trained and experienced personnel.

Once picked, your order is prepared and packed by people who know your stock on a personal level. The most suitable packaging is selected dependingon the nature of the goods, accounting for fragility or bulk, the destination and importantly, the mode of transport. Customer-branded documentation can easily be provided in the form of invoices, packing slips, or just a label.

Stock Management

Programmed minimum stock levels working with the allocated purchase orders means we can manage your call downs from suppliers, keeping you up to date with extensive reporting capabilities.

We can report on every element of your stock management and, because we use a bespoke CRM system to manage this data, it is completely flexible.

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